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African Bank

The Challenge

African Bank is on a mission to reposition and is testing the perception consumers have of the business. African Bank wanted to know if their new positioning and creative expression would land with consumers on the ground. Furthermore, African Bank wanted to learn what the sentiments were with consumers  regarding the brand. 


Over the course of 14 days, ASKSoweto conducted 47 Vox Pops/In-Person Interviews, 2 Focus Groups, and 4 immersions. Research was conducted with African Bank customers and none African customers in Umlazi (Durban) and Soweto (Johannesburg).


We had a few discoveries but one of the main insights were that; the majority of consumers still view Africa Bank as an institution  people visit to mainly take out loans. The bank is not considered a bank by a majority of the respondents who were randomly sampled in both regions. African Bank is currently going ahead with repositioning the brand. 


African Bank

  • Digital Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Immersions

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